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Wasatch Adoptions and Pregnancy Counseling

If you are pregnant, confused or scared…

You may be feeling many different kinds of emotions right now – uncertain of what to do, frightened, and feeling you are alone with no one to turn to along with many other feelings that are too numerous to name. An unexpected pregnancy can make you feel confused and worried about what to do now. Perhaps your current relationship is strained or has ended. Maybe you cannot take care of a baby right now. Or, you may be feeling pressure because you don’t know how to tell your boyfriend or your parents that you are pregnant. Making important decisions that may affect the rest of your life is very difficult. The caring people at Wasatch Adoptions and Pregnancy Counseling understand what you are going through and can offer support and help right now. Call us toll free at 1-888-334-8683.

I’m Pregnant – where do I start?

The good news is that there are many life choices available. You may have thought about raising your baby but may have also considered adoption but don’t know where to start or what adoption really is like. Maybe you are afraid of what other people will think about you or what they will say about you if you did place your baby for adoption. It may be that you have heard conflicting information about adoption – maybe even negative things about making a decision to place your baby for adoption. And, like almost every woman, going through pregnancy and giving birth to a child brings physical and emotional changes to your life. The staff of Wasatch Adoptions and Pregnancy Counseling can help you understand your current situation and give you information about the options available to you. We understand that this is a critical time in your life and can help you make the decisions that need to be made for yours and your baby’s future.

Who can I talk to?

If you find that you are pregnant and don’t know what to do, give us a call and we will make an appointment for you to talk with our Pregnancy Counselor. When a life altering event happens, it’s best to talk to a professional who understands your situation and can help you with the choices you have available. You may be ready to begin exploring your options and she can discuss resources available to you during and after your pregnancy. Some of the things you might be thinking about are:

  • Should I keep my baby and try to be a single parent?
  • What about adoption?
  • Does adoption really work?
  • What is the adoption process like?
  • How do I find someone who would love my baby as much as I do?
  • Would I feel bad if I placed my baby for adoption?

It is very helpful to talk to a woman who understands how you are feeling right now and can help you find the answers you need. We are here to help you through this time and help you to understand the choices available to you. If you would like to talk to one of our pregnancy counselors you can call us at any time at 1-888-334-8683, or email us at help@wiaa.org.

Do I have to make up my mind about what to do before talking to a pregnancy counselor?

Absolutely not – that is what we are here for. It’s important to be able to talk with someone prior to making any decisions so you can understand the options available to you. We want you to make the best decision possible for you and your situation. Exploring options is a personal process and won’t be the same for everyone. Our pregnancy counselors are kind, understanding and sympathetic about your situation and can help you chose good decisions about the future. Although adoption is an option chosen by many women in your position, you are under no obligation to place your baby and our pregnancy counseling services are free. Our counselors can:

  • Help you to explore parenting vs adoption and help you make the very best decision for you and your baby.
  • Give you information about resources that are available to you such as Medicaid, food stamps, etc.
  • Help you develop a life plan so you can be successful before and after your baby is born.
  • Help you to explore support from friends and family members during and after your pregnancy.
  • Provide support during the labor and delivery process.
  • Understand the adoption process and tell you how you would select a family for your baby.
  • Help you find ways to talk with family or friends who do not support your decision to place or parent your baby.
  • Help you create a life plan for after your baby is born. No matter what your decision – to place or to parent – a life plan can help you make the right choices to be successful in the future.

How do I decide if adoption is right for me and my baby?

The decision to parent your baby or place your baby is often times a very difficult decision and there are usually pro’s and con’s to each option. You will find it very helpful to talk to one of our counselors when making this decision. If you make the decision to place your baby, our counselors will be here to help you through the entire experience. The decision to parent or choose adoption is often a very difficult one. It is a decision that most likely will not look black and white for you and there are many things to think about before deciding. This is why you should feel encouraged to explore all of your options thoroughly. Many women find it helpful to list their reasons for considering adoption or parenting your child. A good social worker or an adoption professional can help you see all sides and point out possible options that you may not be aware of. Whether you choose adoption or parenting, it is decision that should be made with great care and talking it through with people who understand what you are facing can prove very helpful.

If I do decide to place my baby, what then?

Once the decision has been made to place your baby, our professional counselors can show you profiles of wonderful families who can provide a loving and stable home for your baby. We screen all prospective adoptive families so we know they are qualified and able to rear a child placed with them. All of our prospective adoptive families want a child in their family and are qualified and able to rear a child. If you place your child for adoption you do not have to worry about the adoptive family taking care of your baby or loving your baby – they will adore your baby and give him or her unlimited love and affection. Adoption is not at all like foster care – the family who adopts your baby will give your baby a forever family.
Once you have made the decision to place your child we will also help you access Medicaid or other kinds of medical insurance so you will be healthy during and after your pregnancy and the delivery of your child. If you need a place to live before the birth of your baby, we can help you find an apartment or other living arrangements, and can also help you with food, clothing, and other necessities needed during your pregnancy.

Open or Closed Adoption

There are two kinds of adoption – a semi-open adoption in which you would be able to receive pictures of your baby as he or she grows in life and also have some limited contact with the adoptive family; or a closed adoption in which you as the birth mother would allow the adoptive family the ability to raise your child with no contact from you. The kind of adoption you decide you would like is a choice that only you can make. Some birth mothers feel better choosing a more open approach and others feel that they would do better without contact from the adoptive family or the child. Closed adoption are not as common as semi-open adoptions, but the choice of how you want the adoption handled is made by you as the birth mother.

What if my baby is born with a disability – will someone still want to adopt my baby?

Yes, we can identify a family who would happily and willingly adopt a child with a disability or a special need. There are many families who are prepared to love and accept a child with a disability and these families have the skills necessary to care for children with special needs.

What if I use cocaine, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol – will someone still adopt my baby?

Of course! We have many families who are willing to adopt a child who has been exposed to these things. However, it is very important that you are honest with us so we can find a family that is prepared and wants to adopt a baby who has been exposed to these substances. You will absolutely not get in to any trouble for being honest with us about what things happened while you are pregnant.

What if I already have a baby – will you still work with me?

Absolutely! There are many adoptive families who would be thrilled to adopt an older baby or a toddler. You can call us no matter how old your child is and we will work hard to find a loving home for your child.


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